Why Are My Water Pipes So Noisy?

Getting someone to unclog a drain in Springfield is a pretty straightforward affair – it’s possible to even do it yourself in some cases – but what happens when you start hearing strange noises coming from your walls when you’re showering or running a faucet?

When water pipes get noisy, people tend to get nervous because it can lead to large repair bills that you generally want to avoid, even in the best of times. But you also don’t want to prevent a problem that can grow into something catastrophic if left unchecked. So how do you tell the difference?

Here are a few of the common reasons why your plumbing might be noisy and some possible solutions:

Water Hammer

You probably know that plumbing consists of a series of pipes and valves that direct the water to the proper faucet or showerhead. However, few people might realize that water can reach pretty high speeds while traveling through the pipes, and as the pipes and connections age, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to handle the force. As the water is traveling through the lines, if they hit a closed valve with enough force, they create what’s known as a “water hammer” — a banging sound coming from your pipes. The following diagram illustrates how a water hammer is created:

A plumber can install little devices in the pipes called “hammer arrestors” that will divert the water in a way that avoids the banging sound and additional strain on your plumbing.

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes were commonly used as part of plumbing systems for years and can be found regularly in homes everywhere. However, they do tend to expand and contract when subjected to hot water.

The reason this matters to you as a homeowner is that your pipes can scrape against the brackets they’re in, as well as screws, washers, and other material around them as they expand, creating a creaking sound in your water pipes. However, the good news is that this sound is relatively harmless; it doesn’t need to be resolved unless you’re doing renovations already and can cover the pipes in foam.

High Water Pressure

While the water runs, it can sometimes develop a humming sound, which can cause alarm in the most steadfast of homeowners. The reason this sound develops is usually because of excess pressure running through the pipes. However, the problem can quickly be resolved with the help of a plumber installing a pressure regulator.

To find out more about how to fix noisy pipes, or get a quote for tankless water heater installation services in Philadelphia, contact the Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing team today!

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