Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems — and How to Solve Them

With the summer comes dreams of trips to the beach, cookouts, and long vacations away from your hometown. The weather’s great, the kids are home, and you need activities that will help you unwind. But before you can fully relax into the beautiful weather on its way, you should think about caring for your residential plumbing.

The increased traffic during the summer — as well as the increased messes — can put a strain on your home’s plumbing system if you’re not careful. Here are some of the most common plumbing issues you might face this summer:

Infographic highlighting common plumbing problems that occur during the summer

Garbage Disposal Clogs

Summer is the season of corn on the cob, cookouts, and so many different kinds of fruits and vegetables that can wreak havoc on your garbage disposal. Many people assume that because a garbage disposal breaks up debris, it’ll eat away at anything that might clog it, but this is far from the case. Corn cobs and the fibrous husks will quickly stop a garbage disposal in its tracks, while grease and bones can clog the pipes or damage the machine if you attempt to put these materials down the drain.

Basement Flooding

Summer sun also means you’ll have summer storms to contend with that can cause severe problems in your basement if you haven’t installed a sump pump. While most modern homes are built so that the rain flows away from your house, the torrential downpours of the summer can sometimes overflow the limits and result in flooding. For that reason, even if you have a sump pump, it’s worth having it inspected so there are no surprises when the first summer storm hits.

Slow Drains

Trips to the beach and outdoor hiking are great ways to enjoy the summer weather, but they can also present risks to your home’s plumbing if you’re not careful. Sand and dirt can easily make their way from the beach to your pipes, and once there, they’ll start to create a clog that builds over time.

It’s always better to hose off sand and dirt outside or even take advantage of public showers if you have an opportunity to do so. The more you can get off outside your home, the more your pipes will thank you.

To find out more about common summer plumbing issues, or get a quote for hydrojet plumbing services, call Economy Drain Cleaning and Plumbing today!

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