Is Your Water Heater Ready for the Winter?

Winter is coming, and homeowners are busy prepping their houses for the cold season ahead. In the midst of your rushed preparations, an important question to ask yourself should be; Is my water heater ready for the winter?

Often overlooked, water heaters are an essential part of your home. Hidden away in closets or the basement, they are the unsung heroes of every family’s comfort. Providing warm water to wash linens, cook, and bathe ourselves, the water heater is essential to you and your loved ones.

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There are several things a homeowner can do to ready their water heater for the cold reality of winter:

Infographic explaining how to prepare a water heater for winter.

Check the Tank

You will want to check the water heater tank thoroughly. Most models are insulted, but it is worth a quick examination. If you think your water heater lacks sufficient insulation, there are insulative blankets that can be used to provide better efficiency during the winter months.

Check the Pipes

Most homes lack sufficient pipe insulation. Pipes that are not adequately insulated will lead to water quickly cooling and greater strain on your water heater. Insulating pipes is a straightforward process that only requires the use of pipe sleeves. A properly installed pipe sleeve is often the only measure needed to protect your pipes and reduce stress on your water heater.

Check Exhaust and Intakes

Carefully check all intakes and the exhaust of your water heater. Be sure to remove any debris that may be blocking proper ventilation otherwise it can negatively affect your water heater and pose a health risk to you and your family.

Check the Location

It is nearly impossible to move a water heater without the help of a professional after installation of the unit. Yet, if you think your water heater is in a poor location, you may want to move it. If your water heater is installed in a semi-permanent structure, garage, or a poorly sealed basement, it may be exposed to less than ideal temperatures. You should make sure that your water heater is located in a safe enclosed environment away from the fluctuation of outdoor temperatures.

Check the Floodstop System

Floodstop systems are installed near the water heater. They are used to prevent a water heater from filling when a sensor detects water in the heater’s water pan. It is especially important to check that the floodstop system is working correctly if you plan on visiting family and friends during the holiday season.

These are just a few of the steps a homeowner should take to make sure their water heater is ready for the upcoming winter season. With a proper service and maintenance schedule that includes winter preparations, your water heater can give you many years of comfort.

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