Is There An Issue With My Water Line?

When your home’s plumbing begins to break down, it’s essential to understand where exactly the issue is coming from. Is the problem small enough that you only need to replace one of your faucets, for example, or is it bad enough that you need to look at full water line repair services?

Depending on the issue, there are many different ways to diagnose a plumbing issue. If your home is experiencing a water line problem, though, you’ll probably see a few key signs that you want to call a plumber for, including:

Infographic outlining common warning signs of issues with your water line

Decreased Water Pressure

Water pressure can fluctuate for a variety of reasons, but it’s usually a highly localized event. It could be a leak that’s causing it or a partial blockage in the pipes. These issues can lead to severe problems in your individual fixtures if left unchecked.

However, if all of your home’s fixtures are suddenly experiencing reduced water pressure, then there’s a larger problem at hand. It could be a smaller issue, such as a blockage or a leak, but it’s probably in your main water line, which can lead to a lot more costly repairs the longer it’s allowed to persist.

Spiking Water Bills

Utility bills always tend to vary depending on the season and personal habits. Sometimes, you may like to take an extra-long hot shower to relax at the end of a long week, which will add to your utilities’ cost.

Although some variation is expected, having water bills that rise quickly is unusual and can signify a serious problem with your water line. Specifically, increased water costs probably mean that your water line is leaking, which can cause reduced water pressure while increasing your utility bill.

Discolored Water

Similar to water pressure, if you turn on a single tap and it’s letting out anything but clear water, then you’re probably looking at a localized issue where the individual fixture needs a little professional TLC. However, when each of your home’s fixtures is providing brown or otherwise dirty water, then you want to think about calling a plumber as soon as you can. The reason you want to get professional help ASAP is that something in your home’s main water line is allowing heavy metals to contaminate your water, which puts you and your family’s health at risk.

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