How Well Are You Listening to Your Pipes?

We hear all the time that communication is key. Did you know that applies to your plumbing as well? What are your pipes telling you as they become clogged time after time? Maybe you should change up your answer to let them know you’re finally hearing them clearly. Give your drain system the cleaning it deserves with hydro-jetting from Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing!

Do you have any clue what hydro-jetting is and how it differs from other types of drain cleaning techniques? Let’s review and see if we can’t find a new answer to your pipes’ old complaints. When you and your professional plumber decide that hydro-jetting is what your next move should be, what should you expect? Well, if you’ve tried to find the solution yourself, you’ve probably had experience with store-bought liquid cleaners. You may have even gone as far as scouting out an old wire hanger and thrusting it into the offending drain to see what you can grab. If you’ve called in an outside service or two, you might have seen them using a tool to punch a hole through any blockages that they deemed to be the problem.

If these techniques truly worked for your situation, you wouldn’t still be searching for other ways to solve your clogged drain issues, though. So, what is hydro-jetting exactly? Well, it’s like power washing the inside of your pipes at different levels of force to not just push through whatever dirt, hair, and grime is standing in the way of proper drainage, but to also remove the remnants that might remain on the walls of the pipes with other means.

Make sure you can identify if your technician is executing safe methods of hydro-jetting by asking them about the process beforehand. For example, if they aren’t using a video inspection to determine the right tactics for getting the best cleaning for your pipes before diving in, ask how they are making those decisions. If your plumbing experts aren’t making sure they got it all after hydro-jetting with a camera inspection, how do you know you won’t be calling them right back out again? Ensure you get the service you and your pipes deserve with lasting results when you employ the services of Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing to handle your next clogged drain!

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