Does My Water Heater Need a Repair?

You know something’s wrong with your plumbing. It might be nothing more than just a feeling, or you might be noticing specific symptoms, like your water never getting hot enough. It’s tempting to immediately start looking for plumbing services in the University City area. Still, it might be worth trying to figure out whether the problem is related to your water heater or something else entirely. After all, the less time a plumber has to spend diagnosing the problem, the easier life becomes.

While each problem has its unique profile, you might wonder if no hot water means an expensive repair like a new water heater. In some cases, it may, but here’s what to look out for:

No Hot Water

Instincts exist for a reason, and when there’s no hot water or the hot water runs out faster than you’d like, there is definitely something wrong with the system. However, there are a variety of other potential solutions besides shelling out a ton of money for a new water heater.

Depending on the kind of water heater you have, there could be a problem with the water heater’s thermostat or heating element. If the heater’s thermostat is set too low, then the water may cool too much before reaching your faucet. Luckily, a low temperature can easily be fixed by increasing the temperature on the thermostat. Even if the problem is with the thermostat or heating element, though, you only have to worry about repairs to the unit rather than a full replacement.

Too Much Hot Water

Alternatively, there might be too much hot water flowing through your system, scalding your skin whenever you shower or wash your hands. Water that’s too hot may mean that your temperature is set too high. If this is the case, then lowering the temperature can resolve the problem within a few hours.

If you hear boiling in the tank, though, or the water that comes out of your faucet is steaming, then a more significant issue is likely causing the problem, like an issue with the temperature-pressure release valve. If this is the problem, then it’s worth getting it looked at ASAP.

Foul Water

Brownish-orange water or the smell of rotten eggs coming out of your faucet may mean that sediment has built up in the tank. Luckily, this issue can be rectified by flushing the system and allowing it to refill.

Even if the sediment isn’t the problem, it might be that the anode rod in your system is worn out. Replacing an anode rod is still a relatively minor repair, compared to replacing the whole tank, but it’s always worth doing as quickly as possible. If you allow sediment to build up or fail to replace the anode rod, then damage can occur to the tank itself, leaving you with a larger bill than you anticipated.

Water heaters are part of a complex system of pipes and valves that help you get to that relaxing shower or bath at the end of the day. If you think there’s a problem with your plumbing, or you want to get a quote from a water heater repair company in Philadelphia, give Economy Drain Cleaning and Plumbing a call today!

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